Our Company

Eagleone Wireless Internet delivers broadband Internet through fixed-wireless antennas that send and receive signals across our vast network. There are no wires or cables that could be damaged and interrupt your service, nor do we have the cost of maintaining vast networks of cabling.

This allows us to offer fast data speeds often times where cable and telco companies’s can’t reach.  Speed and reliability, all for a price less than traditional cable, phone line-based, and satellite Internet services. And, since our data network is independent of telephone and cable television company networks, you avoid paying exorbitant local-loop charges.


No long term contracts or introductory rate bait-and-switch pricing gimmicks

Our systems offer unlimited broadband access (no caps like satellite)

No cable packages or phone lines needed

Friendly & Knowledgable support staff

After hours call center (for reporting issues 24 hours a day)

Infrastructure built with industry leading Carrier Class Equipment

Eagleone Wireless, LLC is an industry-leading, locally owned, Internet Service Provider based in Corinth, MS. In 1997, Eagle One Wireless, Inc., began construction of an innovative network optimized for data traffic and launched service in two initial markets. That same year, major telecommunication companies announced for the first time ever that global networks carried more data traffic than voice traffic. Eagle One was perfectly positioned to step into this growing market.

In 2010 Eagleone Wireless, LLC was formed, through the acquisition of the existing Internet service provider network.  The new owners, also owners of other local Corinth companies, immediately started updating the existing network for the future.  This new organization has put in place several things to carry Eagleone Wireless and its customers in to the future.  Today we are one of the largest carriers of data traffic in North East MS, providing businesses and homes with a reliable data network and outstanding service.

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